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Argos is considered one of the world's oldest cities and has been continuously lived in since around 5000 BCE. It sits between two hills in Greece's Peloponnese peninsula, the same peninsula where Sparta can be found Also named as the capital of Arab culture, Damascus is the oldest city in the world that has seen many of the great civilizations rise and fall. According to research studies and historical evidence, Damascus was first inhabited in the second half of the seventh millennia B.C The oldest cities in the world 1. Jericho, Palestinian Territories. Seen glittering in the distance from the banks of the River Jordan, Jericho is... 2. Byblos, Lebanon. Byblos, as named by the Greeks who imported papyrus from the city, is home to the Phoenician... 3. Aleppo, Syria. Situated at the.

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Believed to be the oldest city in the Malay realm, capital of the Srivijaya empire. According to Kedukan Bukit inscription [50] Jayanasa established Srivijaya kingdom in Palembang area. Luang Praban Founded in the 3rd millennium B.C., Damascus was an important cultural and commercial centre, by virtue of its geographical position at the crossroads of the orient and the occident, between Africa and Asia. The old city of Damascus is considered to be among the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world The Yemeni government requested that UNESCO look into the Old City of Sana'a and conserve it. UNESCO in turn launched an international campaign to preserve and rehabilitate the city. In 1988, UNESCO declared the Old City a UNESCO World Heritage Site, determined to have outstanding universal value

Damascus is widely believed to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, with evidence of habitation dating back to around 10,000 to 8,000 BCE Founded in the 9th century and home to the oldest university in the world, Fez reached its height in the 13th-14th centuries under the Marinids, when it replaced Marrakesh as the capital of the kingdom Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world, according to the UNESCO website. Its history is linked to the three religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam, archaeologists estimated the age of the city from 3300-4000 BC, i.e. in the Copper Age, the Egyptians and Canaanites settled it during the Copper Age and the First Iron Age from 3300-1000 BC

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Being one of the most popular university towns, Marburg has been the cultural hub of Europe. As Gothic and Renaissance architecture embraces the city, it is considered one of the oldest cities in the world. Why Visit Here: One of the ancient towns in Europe, Marburg preserves the oldest pedestrian zones and universities It is a 6000 year old civilized city which is still inhabited by people. It is situated 40 km from Beirut, Sidon and is one of the oldest Phoenician cities on Earth. Phoenicians were known for.. Scholars have long argued over which city is the world's oldest. But the loss of archaeological evidence to time and destruction and the imprecise nature of dating ancient artifacts makes tracing a.. Gala show organized on the occasion of the celebration of the 2000th anniversary of the founding of the city of Derbent, the oldest city in Russia (Republic of Daghestan, Russian Federation). Dances and folk music of Dagestan. The Citadel, the Ancient City and the Fortress Buildings of Derbent are inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List since 2003

About: The University of Al Quaraouiyine is the oldest existing, continually operating and the first degree-awarding educational institution in the world according to UNESCO and Guinness World Records. The institution was incorporated into Morocco's modern state university system in 1963 Byblos is located 42km north of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. There is enough archaeological evidence to suggest that it has been continuously inhabited since early in the Neolithic Age, 7-9,000 years ago depending on which source one draws from. This ranks as one of the highest in the known world. And while other towns are thought to have. The city was first inhabited around 7,000 years ago and according to the ancient writer Philo, Byblos was the oldest city in the world. Many believe that the Bible got its name from Byblos because this is where the first import of papyrus in Greece took place in this city

The oldest city in Italy —and the oldest in Europe, too—Matera is a UNESCO World Heritage city that was also the European Capital of Culture in 2019. It doesn't ascend a hill; instead, it scrambles down a ravine, tucked into the folds of the landscape in an architecturally astounding feat of cityscape that is Matera's attraction, called. The world's oldest continually-inhabited city, according to our sources, archaeologists have unearthed the remains of 20 successive settlements in Jericho, dating back 11,000 years. The city is. It is often presented as the 'oldest known city in the world', exhibiting an important interchange of human values. For this reason, it is listed on the Tentative List of Palestine for natural and cultural heritage sites of Potential Outstanding Universal Value that could be nominated for inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List

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The second-largest church in the world (the largest until 2015, when a newly built Ivory Coast church took the title) is also one of the oldest and most well-known. The original church was completed around 333 AD (commissioned by the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great ) and is traditionally said to have been built on the site of the tomb of St. Syria's most populated city, with around 4.4 million citizens, Aleppo was founded as Halab in around 4,300 BC. As the ancient site is occupied by the modern city it is barely touched by. One of the oldest cities in the Middle East, Damascus was founded in the 3rd millennium B.C., and through excavation sites, archeologists have been able to prove that the area was first inhabited sometime between 8,000 and 10,000 B.C. Located in present-day Syria, the city is a unique place as so many cultures have made it what it is today, including elements of Roman and Greek city urban.

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When you walk through the streets of an old city, I always find it so special to remember that many centuries ago people already lived and lived in the same place. The following ten cities are the oldest oldest inhabited cities in the world. Incidentally, it is not exact science, both Byblos, Damascus, and Jericho claim that they are the oldest city. In this list of the 10 oldest cities in the. The city of Mosul, meaning the linking point in Arabic, is one of the oldest cities in the world. For millennia, it has been a strategic crossing and a bridge between north and south, east and west. Due to its strategic location, it became home to a large number of people from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities and religious beliefs

Since 1979 Damascus has been UNESCO World Heritage Site. Jericho, West Bank (images via: Wikipedia and Bible Archaeology) The ancient city of Jericho is the world's oldest walled city, with evidence of stone fortifications dating back nearly 9,000 years; long before the walls came tumblin' down events depicted in the Bible These ancient archaeological sites were temporary settlements and contain some of the earliest art. Nearly all of the archaeological sites on this list are protected UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 9. Tell es-Sultan (Jericho) Tell es-Sultan is the oldest part of Jericho and is often called the oldest town on earth

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  1. إنظم لأكثر من مليون و نصف معجب عبر صفحتنا على الفيسبوك. تابع; إنظم إلينا عبر جوجل + حيث أكثر من 33 ألف يتابعنا
  2. Likewise, what was the first city named a Unesco World Heritage Site? City of Quito . Likewise, when was it declared a Unesco World Heritage Site? 16 November 1972 . Herein, what is the oldest Unesco World Heritage Site? Exploring the world's first 12 heritage sites. L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Park, Canada. Nahanni National Park, Canada
  3. The answer is: Malacca City. Interesting Information: Malacca was established in the 14th century by the Sultanate of Malacca. It was an important trading port for Admiral Zheng He from Ming Dynasty, China, in the early 15th century. The city was captured by Portuguese and became part of its empire from 1511-641
  4. ates the city and is a part of the Ancient City of Aleppo. After withstanding the battle of Aleppo in 2010, the fortress was opened to the public in 2017 with restoration works of damaged parts in progress

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  1. The UNESCO World Heritage Site San Agustin Church, built between 1587 and 1606, is considered the oldest and longest-standing church in the country. The church was the only structure left intact in Intramuros during World War II. 4. Historic City of Vigan . Location: Ilocos Sur. Year inscribed in UNESCO: 1999. Type: Cultura
  2. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Mediterranean town of Byblos is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. The area is referred to in the Bible as Canaan. Image credit.
  3. gly beautiful. Watch the sun's rays beam down on the ancient Incan city, set against the backdrop of fantastically green mountains
  4. The 5,000-year-old Pavlopetri, Greece, is considered to be the oldest submerged Lost city in the world Jan 22, 2016 Ian Smith The city of Pavlopetri, underwater off the coast of southern Laconia in Peloponnese, Greece, is about 5,000 years old, and one of the oldest submerged Lost city (oldest in Mediterranean sea)
  5. 10 of the Oldest Cities in the World. Shush, also known as Susa, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The city, found at the base of the Zagros mountain range east of the Tigris River, was founded.
  6. In reality, however, the oldest cities in the world have faced deep unrest throughout their long histories. Tragically, some are still uninhabitable. The Syrian town of Aleppo, for example, is likely the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world but rages with civil war today. Damascus too is categorically off limits

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China has the longest continuous history of any country in the world—3,500 years of written history. Which is the third oldest country in the world? Iran has a rich history and currently has 22 UNESCO World Heritage sites, the third most in Asia and 11 th most in the world The world's oldest wheel found at the Ljubljana Marshes in 2002 is on display at the City Museum of Ljubljana.The 5,200-year-old wooden wheel with its axle, in terms of both age and technological perfection, belongs at the very peak of the world's cultural heritage UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere Programme was created in 1971 with a vision: promote a sustainable connection between people and nature. In 2021, the World Network of Biosphere Reserves will unite in its diversity pay a tribute to those who have shaped the programme into this quest for a more harmonious living in each of the world's ecosystems A Guide to Baku, Azerbaijan: Oldest Oil Producing Region in the World The largest city located below sea level, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Baku, Azerbaijan, boasts scenic nature attractions and an oil industry dating back many centuries

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It is home to the world's oldest city, London; The Lake District in England's north; Hulme Hall in county Durham; and the UNESCO world heritage site at Greenwich. In fact, the Unesco world heritage site at Old Compton in the southwest corner of England offers insight into some of the oldest cultures in the world The second oldest subway system in the world, with its M1 Line as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The subway first began to operate in May, 1886 The 18,755km odyssey, made possible with the new US$6 billion Vientiane to Boten line, passes by Unesco World Heritage Sites galore and many other worthy sightseeing spots 4. Damascus, Syria ( 4,300 BC) Named by some as the world's oldest inhabited city, Damascus may have been occupied as early as 10,000 BC, although this is debated. One of the world's great ancient cities, Damascus has been conquered by Alexander the Great and ruled by the Romans, Arabs and Ottomans

The proto-Bulgarian Calendar is the oldest one in the world, recognized by UNESCO. According to it, we are in year 7525. Due to the experts, this is solid intellectual & scientific work of people, who have lived thousands of years before Christ. The Bulgarian Calendar is more accurate than the Gregorian calendar and has just a few seconds. The citadel is a UNESCO world heritage site and the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. (I don't know the exact year of the recent one sorry. More pictures and some details in the comments) Close. 960. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. The center of the city of Erbil. The citadel is a UNESCO world heritage site and the oldest.

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  1. The city's historic centers have been largely preserved and protected from alteration, leading to Quito being ranked highly in the Americas as the city with the best preserved historical centers. It boasts being one of the first ever cities to be declared in 1978 as the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO along with Krakow, Poland
  2. The city is one of the world's oldest cities, with its earliest inhabitants settling in the area in 3650 BCE. With such a long history dating as far back as the Hittites, an empire that reigned in modern-day Turkey, Syria and Lebanon from about 1600 to 1179 BCE, Gaziantep offers many historical sites to see
  3. The city of Bamberg, located in northern Bavaria, was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Germany in 1993 due to its beautiful architecture and unique medieval layout. In the 18th century, Bamberg was a center for enlightenment in Germany with many philosophers and poets living in the area
  4. Old Europe Meets the New World. January 31, 2018 JPEG. It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the Americas, and the one that still feels closest to its roots. Some people refer to it as the most European city in North America.. Québec City draws its name from the Algonquin word kebek: where the river narrows.
  5. The most humid city in the world is Patna, India, which has miserable humidity for 99.2% of the day. Höfn, Iceland, is the most humid city in Europe, experiencing dry humidity for 99.1% of the day. The 20 most humid cities in the US all reside in Florida, ranging from 36.8% to 48.7% miserable humidity
  6. Visiting Babylon: One Of The Oldest And Most Important Cities In The The Ancient World. The site of Babylon can be visited today, and it remains one of the most significant cities ever known of the ancient world. It covers an area of about 1054 hectares and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site
  7. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Sites are places of importance to cultural or natural heritage as described in the UNESCO World Heritage Convention, established in 1972.. There are 33 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the United Kingdom and the British Overseas Territories. The UNESCO list contains one designated site in both England.

The city has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004. The ancient city is famous for the unique design of mud clay. It was founded in the 5th century BC and reached the peak of development in the 7th century, when the city appeared in the center of important trade routes 4. Yaroslavl. With a population of 603,961, Yaroslavl is a city located in Yaroslavl oblast's administrative center in Russia. The city's historical part, located at the confluence of Rivers Kotorosl and Volga is listed as a World Heritage Site. Yaroslavl is among the Golden Ring cities and has played a significant role in the history of Russia

Varanasi is one of the world's oldest continuously inhabited cities, its origins dating back to 11th century B.C. As the holy city of India, it's situated on the banks of River Ganges, where legend says the river has the power to wash away all sins. Varanasi is known as the City of Temples (with more than 2,000 temples dedicated to Gods) Oldest City In The World The old city is a unesco world heritage site, but it's also on the agency's list of sites in danger as its historical monuments may face risks from one of the major cities of ancient greece, argos has been an urban settlement since about 3,000 bce

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On July 7, UNESCO's World Heritage List grew longer - six new cultural sites were added to the list, including a group of ancient monuments located in Russia's city of Pskov, brought together. The timeless, historic landmarks of the city recognized by the entire world: these should be your first few stops. Housing thousands of years of history, architecture, and beauty; this is what Seville is known for. The beauty and wonder of these sites have been captured in movies and television all over the world 21. Lalibela, Ethiopia: One of the Best UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Africa. Lalibela was among the first 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites inscribed in 1978. This historic town in Ethiopia is known for its 11 monolithic rock-hewn churches, which trace back to the 13th century A number of jar factories still operate in the city and follow the traditional method of molding them by hand. UNESCO later recognized Vigan as the best-preserved example of Spanish colonial towns in Asia and named it a World Heritage Site in 1999. In 2015, Vigan City was also recognized as one of the New7Wonders Cities

The main site is the Fasil Ghebbi palace compound. Meanwhile, the other seven sites are located within the city of Gondar. These sites include a monastery, church, thermal area, bath, and a palace. 7. Aksum (1980) The ruins of this ancient city were recognized in 1980 by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site due to its cultural importance Founded in 1240, the University of Siena sits in the small town of Siena in Italy. About half of the entire city's population are students at the institution, making for a headcount of about 20,000. The school is part of the city center, deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site which sees upwards of 163,000 tourists per year. 9

Founded in the 3rd millennium B.C., Damascus, Syria is one of the oldest cities in the Middle East. In the Middle Ages, it was the centre of a flourishing craft industry, specializing in swords and lace. The city has some 125 monuments from different periods of its history — one of the most spectacular is the 8th-century Great Mosque of the. Yet, the Syrian capital - with the Ancient City of Damascus inscribed on the UNESCO list in 1979, itself suffered from the ongoing conflict. One of the oldest cities in the world has been blighted by the same civil war that has riven the whole country. Residents say they don't remember what peace is like Abu Mena (1979) This site was inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Egypt list in 1979 for its cultural importance. This early Christian holy city was built over a tomb of the martyrs of Menas of Alexandria. The city consists of a church, basilica, streets, monasteries, baptistery and more Despite that, Aleppo is still considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, packed with thousands of years of history and culture - so much so that it was announced as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986. While the true age of the city is a mystery, historians agree that it was settled around 5000 BCE

Dutch planetarium nominated as a UNESCO world heritage site. The Netherlands may have yet another fabulous heritage site to offer. Eise Eisinga Planetarium is the world's oldest-working planetarium — and it has been nominated for the UNESCO World Heritage List. The planetarium is located in Franeker, Friesland and was manufactured between. World's oldest metro systems. Metro systems across the world have been in operation since the late 1800s and transport millions of commuters across cities every day. There are now more than 178 systems globally with an average of 168 million daily passengers. We take a look at the world's ten oldest metro systems Aleppo is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world; it may have been inhabited since the sixth millennium BC.Excavations at Tell as-Sawda and Tell al-Ansari, just south of the old city of Aleppo, show that the area was occupied by Amorites by the latter part of the third millennium BC.[10

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Speyer, Worms and Mainz, regarded as the cradle of Jewish life in Europe, were also known as Jerusalem on the Rhine. The three cities are applying to UNESCO for the title World Cultural Heritage PERTH has become the first city in the UK to become a Unesco City of Crafts and Folk Art. Following a highly competitive bidding process, Perth has joined the established Creative City network of 50 countries across the world, including Jaipur, Cairo and Carrera, in celebrating craft. The Perth bid focused on the importance of craft to the.

UNESCO Creative Cities Network. The project, launched in 2004, aims to promote cooperation between cities around the world whose common characteristic is the use of creativity to promote sustainable urban development. The network covers seven creative areas: handicrafts and folk arts, design, cinema, gastronomy, literature, media, and music One of these days, I hope to see this 500 year-old ghost town, perched precariously on top of a giant rock, sitting in a canyon somewhere in Yemen. I'd also like to see the world's oldest skyscraper city, known as Yemen's Manhattan of the Desert. And then there's that island off the coast that UNESCO There are 250 UNESCO World Heritage Cities for you to see while you travel the world. That does not include all of the individual sites you can add to your list. The UNESCO Program offers assistance to these sites and cities to preserve their heritage for years to come. Jerusalem. There is no other city in the world like Jerusalem. It is one of. America's oldest solar observatory, the Chankillo rumbo al Patrimonio Mundial has been recognised by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) as a 'masterpiece of human creative genius.'. The 2,300-year-old solar observatory has been awarded the UNESCO world heritage site rage on Wednesday, July 28 The most populous city of North America is situated at an elevation of 2,240 meters in the Valley of Mexico. Ciudad de Mexico or Mexico City is the oldest capital city in the Americas and also one of two cities founded by Native Americans. The city enjoys a subtropical highland climate with cool summers and cool winters

With enrolment numbers upwards of 20,000, the University of Siena campus comprises almost half of the city's entire population. The city center itself, also of historic importance, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is visited annually by over 163,000 tourists who come for the food, the art, the museums and the medieval. The City of Quito earns the distinction as being the first city in the world to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the same year, Krakow in Poland was also named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The City of Quito was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site as it meets 6 out of 10 criteria that would make a city a cultural capital

Göbekli Tepe (Turkish: [gœbecˈli teˈpe], Potbelly Hill; known as Girê Mirazan or Xirabreşkê in Kurdish) is a Neolithic archaeological site near the city of Şanlıurfa in Southeastern Anatolia, Turkey. Dated to the Pre-Pottery Neolithic, between c. 9500 and 8000 BCE, the site comprises a number of large circular structures supported by massive stone pillars - the world's oldest. UNESCO World Heritage Sites In Albania. The ruins of Butrint, Alabnia. Albania is home to a number of landmarks with valuable cultural and historical importance. Several of these have been recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites because of their uniqueness and importance to the collective interests of humanity Designated a World Heritage Site in 1981. This is the world's longest known network of caves and underground passageways with explored areas extending for more than 644 kilometers. Mammoth Cave National Park supports more than 130 species of flora and fauna and provides rich cave-dwelling wildlife habitat. Visitors can engage in cave tours. The only living Native American community to be dubbed a UNESCO World Heritage Site and National Historic Landmark, Taos Pueblo is believed to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited settlements in the United States. For over 1,000 years, the Taos Indians have lived in these adobe dwellings, and most of the current buildings were constructed between 1000 and 1450 AD

The Iraqi city of Erbil is truly magnificent - and in many ways. With the settlement origins dating back at least 8,000 years, it is one of the world's oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. The modern city developed around the famous Citadel of Erbil, the town's ancient core that has been present since the dawn of ancient history The five-storey pagoda and the main hall were both originally built around the year 600AD but after a fire were rebuilt around the year 700AD. 26 other building in the complex were built before 800AD. All of them together are undisputed as the oldest wooden buildings in the world - the pagoda, being the first built, would take out the title. Which city has 4 Unesco world heritage sites? But Cordoba , part of Andalusia and less than a two-hour train ride a from Madrid or a 45-minute train ride from Seville, is worthy of big travel acclaim. As of 2018, it's the first city in the world to have four UNESCO World Heritage Sites, surpassing Rome and Paris

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The ancient scroll dates back to 340BC, making it the oldest literary Greek text in Europe. It may even be the oldest one ever found, and 60 years on it remains as mysterious and relevant as ever. The Maltese capital features a walled city shoehorned into a tiny peninsula that owes its existence to the Knights of St. John. It takes its name from Grandmaster Jean Parisot de Valette, who founded the city in 1566. The place is even listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Best of all, you don't have to be a gentleman to visit Centrally located on the Yucatan Peninsula, the city is an easy day trip to UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as the ancient cities of Uxmal and Chichen Itza, and the beaches on the Gulf shore in. As a consequence of the massive immigration to the city, Sana'a has outgrown its Old City core. Sana'a is also one of the oldest populated places in the world. According to popular legend, it was founded by Shem, the son of Noah from the Bible. Besides the old parts of town, that is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List, one also finds a.

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The city boasts mosques and churches, bazaars and malls and a treasure trove of other attractions. Traditional Turkish cuisine, such as kebabs, are popular and the city is also well-known for a vibrant entertainment industry and nightlife. Its historic center, a partial UNESCO World Heritage site, remains the most popular tourist attraction. 4 World Heritage Site and top historic destinations for you! The late Maya Angelou once remarked, History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again. It is precisely this fascination with what came before that inspired us to look at the world's most amazing historic destinations. Temples and monuments to grand empires feature.

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The Indian Pacific service, operated by luxury train company Journey Beyond, between the cities of Sydney and Perth, stretches for 4,352km (2,704 miles) across Australia. Opened in 1970, the Indian Pacific features the world's longest straight stretch of railway track, a 478km (297-mile) section over the Nullarbor Plain An International City. Daegu is the third urban city after Seoul and Busan and is located in the south-eastern region of Korea. It has hosted high-profile music events to large-scale international events such as the 2011 World Athletics Championship, the 2013 World Energy Congress, the 2015 World Water Forum, the 2018 World Parasitology Society, the 2019 World Brain Neuroscience Conference and. Home to the world's tallest trees, Redwood National Park, north of San Francisco, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and part of an International Biosphere Reserve that protects close to half of the planet's old-growth redwoods - some of which are 370ft high. With more than 200 miles of trail routes, it's ideal for camping, hiking and riding The City of San Marino locally known as Citta is the capital city of the Republic of San Marino. The country don't have a flat terrain and it is entirely composed of hilly terrain. Mount Titano, highest mountain of the San Marino stands at 739 meters (2,425 feet) above sea level was included in UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008

Mesa Verde National Park. This World Heritage Site has been on the list the longest, being added in 1978. Mesa Verde National Park is in southwest Colorado and contains a collection of Pueblo Indian dwellings. There are more than 4,400 sites that include cliff dwellings and villages built on top of a mesa. The prehistoric dwellings are very. Download this stock image: The Amir Chaqmaq complex in the desert city of Yazd in Iran, taken on November 16, 2017. Yazd is one of the oldest cities in Iran with a population of around 650,000 people. The old town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2017. | usage worldwide - 2ARARCH from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors 英語-日本人の「the oldest city in the world」の文脈での翻訳。 ここに「the oldest city in the world」を含む多くの翻訳された例文があります-英語-日本人翻訳と英語翻訳の検索エンジン It is the longest medieval and one of the biggest castles in the world spreading across 3 kms in distance. Located on the right bank of the river Aude, this UNESCO World Heritage Site has more than 2500 years of history and was restored in the 19th Century by Viollet-le-Duc 9 Most Unique City In The World Mortifly December 08, 2015 Unique Edit 1. The city has a Highest population A city that has the largest population, according to experts is Tokyo (Japan). Therefore, the population of the capital city of the samurai is expected to reach more than 33 million inhabitants

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